Calling All Beta Readers

keep-calm-and-be-a-beta-readerWhat’s A Beta Reader?

No special skills, other than the enjoyment of fiction reading, are required for beta reading. All you do is read the manuscript and give me your feedback. Although I’ll take any and all critiques, I am generally looking for feedback on how the story made you feel. Were you invested? Did you care for the characters? What did you find relatable? What was utter rubbish? Although not required, beta readers for my work generally have an interest in speculative fiction such as scifi and fantasy thrillers.

How It Works:

1) Drop me a message of interest via email at greever.williams [at]

2) Let me know if you’d prefer a hard or soft copy of the manuscript.

3) You read the story and mark-up the manuscript with any thoughts and feedback.

4) You complete a brief questionnaire asking you to rate and provide feedback.

5) Send it all back my way.

6) I use your feedback to make the story infinitely better.

What’s In It For You?

1) My undying gratitude and, dare I say, the thorough enjoyment of a great story? 🙂

2) A token of my appreciation, often appearing in the form of an Amazon gift card.

3) Acknowledgement and recognition in the credits of the final published work.

Got Questions?

Drop me a comment below. Thanks!


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