Published Works

Dust on the Mound

A modern day journalist finds the lost journal of a missing Civil War soldier and discovers that some evil lives forever.

“The Captain, so close as he was, didn’t warrant their attention. Even a fly on a horse’s hindquarters gets a tail whip. And that is the thick of it. We are less than flies to these foul foes.”
― Greever Williams, Dust on the Mound

“Just when I thought it was safe to read short stories again, Greever Williams uses my head for his playground with Dust On The Mound. It’s a spooky tale that raises my hackles just before I cry out for more.”

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On Tenterhooks

Imagine that the person you love most in this world died in a sudden, horrible accident. Your spouse, your child, your parent, your sibling – gone in an instant with no chance at healing old wounds, no closure, no sweet words of comfort to aid their passing. What if you found a way to communicate with them one last time – a final chance to say goodbye. Would you take that chance? Of course you would. Eventually, we all would. But what happens when they respond back? Find out. Get Hooked. On Tenterhooks.


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Latest Blog Posts.

Looking for Beta Readers

Greetings all! I’m looking for a handful of beta readers for my new contemporary adult sci-fi thriller before it goes to my editor. PROJECT: NEMISYS is the story of a conscience-laden contract killer who teams up with a wildlife research biologist to hunt down a dangerous lab-built creature formed by fusing a sentient meteorite with the […]

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Latest Additions to the TBR Pile

I just discovered that a nearby thrift store I have passed no less than a hundred times in the last five years is actually a cleverly-disguised used book store of awesomeness! Check out the latest additions to my (only slightly bulging) to-be-read pile! I’ve read a couple before, but come on…I can’t pass up $1 […]

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Not Dead, Just Busy

For me, writing was a dream that became a hobby that morphed into a passion. Unfortunately, passion doesn’t pay the bills…at least, not yet! I have been fortunate enough to earn my way into a demanding career that fills my days (and some nights). My wife and I are blessed with a full home of kids […]

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About Greever

By day, Greever Williams is a sorcerer skilled in the dark arts of government technology and a self-proclaimed stylish geek. By night, or at least by the wee lamplit hours of the night when he isn't chillaxin' with his offspring or DIYing the hell out of something with his beautiful wife, he is a writer of tales. His novels include ON TENTERHOOKS and DUST ON THE MOUND. Greever likes his music heavy, his soda diet, his movies dark and his reading fiction.