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Dust on the Mound

A modern day journalist finds the lost journal of a missing Civil War soldier and discovers that some evil lives forever.

“The Captain, so close as he was, didn’t warrant their attention. Even a fly on a horse’s hindquarters gets a tail whip. And that is the thick of it. We are less than flies to these foul foes.”
― Greever Williams, Dust on the Mound

“Just when I thought it was safe to read short stories again, Greever Williams uses my head for his playground with Dust On The Mound. It’s a spooky tale that raises my hackles just before I cry out for more.”

“Another great one by Greever! Great quick read! Great characters! Love this!”

“You won’t put it down.”

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On Tenterhooks

“SPELLBINDING….SPOOKY…COMPELLING…CHILLING…A FAST-PACED SUPERNATURAL THRILLER.” Imagine that the person you love most in this world died in a sudden, horrible accident. Your spouse, your child, your parent, your sibling – gone in an instant with no chance at healing old wounds, no closure, no sweet words of comfort to aid their passing. What if you found […]

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Headless Chickens & Other Obfuscations

So it turns out, I might not be the only writer in the family. I found a small note on my desk today, scrawled on a piece of scratch paper. Recognizing the handwriting, I sought out my 8YO offspring and asked her what it was about. I was very curious to know what this meant. […]

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Spring Sacrifices & Ritualistic Rabbits

Today my male offspring made a gruesome discovery. Something (or someone) had left a decapitated rabbit’s head at the bottom of our driveway. As you’ll note in the photo evidence he took (Exhibit A), there is no blood and there are no jagged gobbets of flesh around the severing wound. This was a clean cut and […]

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Ever Have Ones of Those Nightmares?

You know…the ones that are so vivid and terrifying that you waste the rest of the night’s precious sleeping hours binge-watching mindless sitcoms to calm your nerves? You turn off your alarm early because you’re already wide awake. You rise and do the zombie shuffle because your joints ache from the dream’s physical effects. You’re in […]

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Greever likes his music heavy, his movies dark and his soda diet. He lives with his family in North Carolina. Want to chat music, movies or writing? Hit him up at greever.williams [at]