CodeName: Gifts from the Graveyard

ghostladyWhile I eagerly await feedback from my beta readers on the first book in my new sci fi series, I’ve started work on my next piece – a straight-up ghost story, that will most likely be a novella. I’ve code named it Gifts from the Graveyard for reasons that will become evident once you read it. Although I have already settled on a formal title (which rarely happens this early), I don’t like to publicize that until the book is completely done and ready for release. This is due to a fascinating combination of superstition and paranoia I suppose, two things which, coincidentally, seem to be recurring topics in my work. I wonder if that’s what Twain meant when he said “write what you know.” : )

But, I digress. The new story draws inspiration from two sources. The first is a true story I heard about a long lost graveyard back when I lived in Roanoke. This story is mostly set in Roanoke, making it my second story from the place I called home on a few years ago. The first was Dust on the Mound. And while this is not a sequel by any means, there is definite crossover in the storylines. My second source of inspiration comes in the form of this antique framed photo that I came across at a flea market. It now sits on a shelf in my office. It kinda creeps me out to be honest but that is the point, right?

I am about 12,000 words in and the story is unfolding nicely. More to come.


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