Casting Call for ON TENTERHOOKS

What writer doesn’t dream of seeing his characters jump off the page and on to the big screen? I certainly do! With ON TENTERHOOKS, I saw some of my main characters from the beginning of the writing process as a certain actor or actress. Others were amalgamations of several different actors or people I have known. This week I received a special treat – a reader sent me her dream cast for the movie adaptation. I don’t watch TV, so I had to go Google some of these people. I think she has some great ideas:

  • Bradley Cooper as Steve
  • Tyler Perry as Martin
  • Dakota Fanning as Abby
  • Uma Thurman as Veronica
  • Jeff Bridges as Biker

And there is only one actor that could play Preacher and do it justice, Willem Dafoe.

In the dreams and flashbacks …..

  • Sigourney Weaver as Helen
  • Piper Pirabo as Julie (for such a small part, she could take a break from her TV show)
  • Chord Overstreet as Zack (he could take a short break from Glee)
  • Gabrielle Union as Maggie
I really enjoyed reading her list to see how my characters looked through a reader’s eyes. And now it is your turn – who would you pick? Can you see these actors in these roles or did you have somebody else in your head when you were reading?

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